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How to Write a Book
That Sells
You'll be surprised how simple and effective the process is.

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What You're Gonna Learn
What You're Gonna Learn
Building your 
personal brand
The mission of I'm Akosua LLC is to empower readers and clients via creative writing. We all have a story to tell and there are unlimited ways to build a business based on who you are.
using your writing to 
make sales
Writing allows you to monetize your thoughts, experiences, and expertise.
Implement my step by step action plan
to generate multiple streams of income from your writing.
balancing your time as 
an entrepreneur
Balancing your family and your business can be exhausting. This is why we offer one-on-one coaching, to assist you in keeping a healthy and organized diet of personal and business relations.

Letter #5 from Dear Nice Girl

Letter #5 from 

Dear Nice Girl,

Put value on your time. Unapologetically. And like a BOSS "
-Akosua N, New York
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