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You MUST establish your Target Audience & Book Concept
before Marketing, Editing, or Writing the book.
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Dear Nice Girl - Akosua Nyantakyi (2019)
Why Every Pregnant Woman Should Write a Book - Akosua Nyantakyi (2020)
Our Proven Blueprint, 

How to Write a Book
That Sells
After your Book Concept, comes the 
Editing and Publishing phase.

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Building your 
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I'm Akosua LLC empowers readers and clients via creative writing. We all have a story to tell and there are unlimited ways to build a business based on who you are. Creativity & Branding is vital for every 
Self Published Author.
using your writing to 
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Writing allows you to monetize your thoughts, experiences, and expertise.
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to generate multiple streams of income from your writing, by becoming a
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balancing your time as 
an entrepreneur
Balancing your family and your business can be exhausting. This is why we offer professional consulting, marketing, graphic design and editing services, to ensure balance for any Entrepreneur and Self Published Author.

Letter #5 from Dear Nice Girl

Letter #5 from 

Dear Nice Girl,

Put value on your time. Unapologetically. And like a BOSS "
-Akosua N, New York
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