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#3. Analytical Negotiators
Do you make decisions based on Facts, Data, & Statistics?
Are you skeptical during Negotiations?

Learn more about the Analytical Negotiator.
Trevor Cassaberry
#4. Accommodating Negotiators
Do you value professional relationships?
Are you willing to give in first to make progress towards a deal?

Learn more about the Accommodating Negotiator.
Trevor Cassaberry
#5. Assertive Negotiators
Do you value emotional intelligence?
Are you able to pressure the other party without blowing up the relationship?

Learn more about the Assertive Negotiator.
Trevor Cassaberry
#6. The Levels of your Negotiation Archetype
What type of Negotiator fits your culture and personality?
What type of negotiator do you look like?

Learn more about the 3 Levels of your Negotiation Archetype.
Trevor Cassaberry

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